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Global Forced Migration

Stories about the way the world is.

70.8 Million 

70.8 Million 

displaced people in the world today (UNHCR)
annual profits in human trafficking industry (ILO)

$150.6 Billion


Asylum seekers have been sent over the border to Mexico to wait out their asylum cases (AP)
-Climate Change

Push Factors

The deadly link between human trafficking and the involuntary displacement of millions of children, women, and men around the world is the defining human rights issue of our time. Without far greater awareness and public resolve than presently exists, we will have no answer when future generations ask: “Where were you when all this happened? Why did all these vulnerable people suffer and die on your watch?”

Oh Mercy is the first of three films in Running To Stand Still, a series of documentaries about the epic migration of tens of millions of children, women, and men around the world who have been displaced from their homes by forces beyond their control. The second film in the series, Waiting For Home, is about the nearly one million Rohingya now living in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, in the largest refugee camp in human history, following their expulsion from Myanmar on August 25, 2017 by the government of Nobel Laureate Aung Soo Kyi. The third film in the series, Across The Water, is about the ongoing immigration crisis in the Mediterranean, where thousands of Africans from failed or failing states like Nigeria are seeking asylum on a European continent that is proving as unwelcoming to refugees and asylum seekers as its North American counterpart. 

Searching for Hope in the Promised Land
The Unspoken Tragedy of the Rohingya in Cox's Bazar

" one leaves home

     unless home is the mouth of a shark..."

-Home, Warsan Shire

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