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Running to Stand Still Blog



Political Will Starts at Home 

Our premiere blog highlights the work of Director Robert Bilheimer, featuring his thoughts on the worsening situation on the border, and what we can do to help.

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One Group of Heroes on the Front Lines of the Border Crisis

This blog features the words of Sam Bishop, Project Manager of Global Response Management's response in Matamoros, Mexico last year, and now GRM's Mexico Country Director, and highlights the work that he and GRM do on the front lines.

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Through the Lens: An Interview with DOP Craig Braden

In this blog, we interview Craig Braden, Worldwide Documentaries' director of photography, and detail his experiences through decades of work in the field.

An Interview with Editor Alfonso Pozzo

In this blog, we get to know Emmy-winning producer and director Alfonso Pozzo. We discuss his two decades of experience, including his credit as editor for the Worldwide Documentaries' production Oh Mercy- Searching for Hope in the Promised Land.

Vero photography
Verónica Gabriela Cárdenas: Behind the Camera

In this blog, we learn about documentary photographer and video and photo journalist, Verónica Gabriela Cárdenas. Vero is a beloved member of the Worldwide Documentaries team and a gift to the world of art and humanity. 

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